Mission Statement

   The City of Lincoln Recreation Department's purpose of youth recreational programs is to provide an enjoyable experience for each youth participant, while developing character, self-esteem and promoting good sportsmanship among all teams and individuals. Although sports are competitive by nature, the City of Lincoln Recreation Department's intentions are to place less emphasis on winning, while promoting the building of lifetime mental and physical activity and health for each participant.


   The City of Lincoln has embraced the philosophies set forth in “National Standards for Youth Sports,” a publication compiled by the National Alliance for Youth Sports on an assembly of 48 of the nation's leading experts representing a vast variety of disciplines affecting youth sports. The following standards were established:

1. Proper Sports Environment

Parents must consider and carefully choose the proper environment for their child, including the appropriate age and development for participation, the type of sport, the rules of the sport, the age range of the participants, and the proper level of physical and emotional stress.

2. Programs Based on Well-Being of Child

Parents must select youth sports programs that are developed and organized to enhance the emotional, physical, social, and educational well-being of children.

3. Drug, Tobacco, & Alcohol-Free Environment

Parents must encourage a drug, tobacco, and alcohol-free environment for their children.

4. Part of a Child’s Life

Parents must recognize that youth sports are only a small part of a child's life.

5. Training

Parents must insist that coaches be trained and certified

6. Parents' Active Role

Parents must make a serious effort to take an active role in the youth sports experience of their child providing positive support as a spectator, coach, league administrator, and/or caring parent.

7. Positive Role Models

Parents must be a positive role model exhibiting sportsmanlike behavior at games, practices, and home while giving positive reinforcement to their child and supports their child's coaches.

8. Parental Commitment

Parents must demonstrate their commitment to their child's youth sports experience by annually signing a parental code of ethics.

9. Safe Playing Situations

Parents must insist on safe playing facilities, healthful playing situations and proper first aid applications, should the need arise.

10. Equal Play Opportunity

Parents, coaches, and league administrators must provide equal sports play opportunity for all youth regardless of race, creed, sex, economic status or ability.

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