Lincoln Youth Basketball - Frequently Asked Questions

        This section is dedicated to some of the more general questions we frequently get. If you need clarification on any of these answer please check out the program specific page. If you still need help, please call us at 916-434-3224.

I. Structure

 A. What is the difference between the Recreation and Competitive Divisions?
        In an effort to create a youth basketball league for all the youth in our community, the Lincoln Youth Basketball program is a recreational based league with competitive options in age groups where we have enough participants to support enough teams in both recreation and competitive divisions.
        We want to provide a high quality program that both casual players, and players looking to strengthen their skills in a highly competitive atmosphere will enjoy. The recreation and competitive division are very similar in the general structure with a few modifications.
        The recreation divisions are for all general players, or players that tryout and are not selected for a competitive team.

 B. How do the tryouts work?
        Players will attend a one day tryout with other participants in their age group. The league administrators and staff will run the players through stations having them showcase different skills. Coaches for that specific age division will be present and will evaluate the players as they play.
        After the tryouts are complete, the coaches and league administrators will get together and conduct the draft where the coaches, based on their evaluations, draft their team one by one. All players that tryout and are not selected to a competitive team will be made available and drafted into the recreation division. This way all players that signup will get to play whether they make a competitive team or not.
        All 3rd grade and higher division players will need to tryout. Players who signup and do not attend the tryouts will be placed in the draft as a blind pick so no one will know who they are. If they are not selected, then they will be placed on a recreation team.

 C. Do players need to attend the draft?
        No players or parents are allowed to attend the draft. Only coaches, assistant coaches and league staff are allowed at the draft for their specific age group. Players will then be notified by their coach on or before the Player Notification Deadline.

 D. Why is there no competitive division for the girls?
        We currently do not have enough participation in any of the girls divisions to offer both a recreation and competitive division so we run it as a recreation league. However, girls may tryout for a boys competitive division in their proper age group and if selected will play on a competitive team. If they are not drafted to a competitive team, they will be placed into the recreation division.

 E. How are 1st/2nd grade teams formed?
        Recreation teams are formed primarily by the player’s school and grade.

 F. 7th & 8th boys division
        The 7th & 8th grade boys division is ran as a mixture of the recreation and competitive division. All players who register for this age group will go through the tryout and draft process and be selected to a team. No previous playing experience is required.

 G. What team am I on and who is my coach?
        After the competitive division and recreation teams are complete, coaches will be given their rosters with all their parent’s contact information at our annual Coaches Meeting. They will then have until the Player Notification Deadline.

 H. When are practices?

        Practices on our end are Monday - Friday, 5pm - 9pm. From your side you will be designated 1 - 2 nights per week for one hour practices. As we take registration for coaches, we try to take the two best days available for them and give them a practice schedule that works best for their availability. Practices start mid December, and will be consistent to the same day, time and location for the season unless that specific gym is unavailable for the night in which we will attempt to reschedule or move locations.

When are games?

        Games will start the 2nd Saturday in January after school is back in session after winter break. All divisions will have a designated game day gym meaning you will play all of your games at the same location. The first games at all locations starts at 9:00am, and depending on how many teams are in your division will determine how late you games may start. Last season the 1st & 2nd grade division had 13 teams, the first game started at 9:00am and the last games started at 3:00pm. Your starting game time will fluctuate throughout the season.

II. Fees

 A. How do the payment plans and sibling discounts work?
        Payment plans are available to families who need to make bi-weekly payments instead of paying the full registration fee all at once. People looking to use a payment plan must register through our office located at 2010 First Street, on the corner of First Street and Joiner Parkway where you will fill out a payment plan form along with the registration form. $25 is due at the time of registration and we will also finalize the remaining payment dates for your payment plan.

 B. Is there a service fee for registering online?
        No service fees or taxes are involved whether you register online or in our office. Both registration methods are the same fee.

 C. Are there scholarships available?
        Scholarships are available to those who qualify. However we are limited to the quantity of scholarships we have so a scholarship application and proof of hardship will need to be filled out and turned in. The most qualified applications will be given priority.

III. Equipment

 A. What equipment does my participant need?
        No specific equipment is required. Players will not be able to play with shoes that leave scuff marks or black streaks on the floor. These types of shoes usually include boots and dress shoes. We recommend comfortable athletic clothes for practices and athletic shorts for games. Uniform tops will be provided and included in the registration fee.

 B. What size basketball does my participant use?
        The 1st & 2nd grade division uses a 27.5” basketball. All 3rd & 4th grade divisions use a 28.5” basketball (women’s official size), and all 5th through 8th grade divisions use a 29.5” basketball (men’s official size).

 C. What height basket does my participant use?
        1st & 2nd grade divisions will use an 8ft basket. 3rd through 8th graders will use a 10ft basket.

 D. What size uniform should I order?
        We suggest ordering your jersey 1 size bigger than your t-shirt size. We do not order a lot of extra uniforms per size so if you need a different size after receiving your initial uniform, a reorder fee may apply.

More FAQs coming soon! If you have any specific questions please call 434-3220.
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